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If you have injured your neck in an accident that was not your fault then you could be entitled to make a neck injury compensation claim against the party that was responsible for causing you the injury. As the neck is such an important yet fragile part of the body, any impact to the neck can not only be very painful but may also have a serious impact on your quality of life. As a result compensation for neck injuries can be substantial.

Neck Injury Claims Solicitors

no win no fee solicitor** sheffieldThe amount of compensation that will be awarded following a neck injury will depend on how the accident occurred and on the seriousness of the injury including recovery time. The most common neck injury is whiplash caused by an impact that results in the next being extended beyond comfort; a common injury following road traffic accident where a rear end collision results in the driver or passenger’s neck being thrown backwards and forwards.  In other causes neck injuries are caused by everyday things such as slips, trips and falls resulting in bruising or in extreme cases breakages.

The following is an indication of the likely levels of compensation following a neck injury:

•    Whiplash – up to £3,000
•    Fractures and Dislocations – up to £25,000
•    Permanent Disability – over £25,000

In addition to compensation for the physical injury to the neck you can also make a claim for psychological injury and any other loss that you have had to endure as a result of the accident that resulted in the injury. This could include loss if income, damage to property and travel expenses.

If you would like to make a claim for compensation following a neck injury then you should speak to one of our specialist personal injury solicitors** in Sheffield who will help you to make a claim and negotiate a settlement, all on a no win no fee* basis.

To ensure that you have the best prospects of making a successful claim you should make your claim within three years of the date of the accident that resulted in the injury otherwise you may become barred from doing so without permission from the court.

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